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Physio Three Sixty

Physio Three Sixty is a specialist chartered Physiotherapy and sports injury clinic based at Xchange Fitness in Hitchin. We strive to provide the highest standards of care without compromise. Our services include:

•     Chartered Physiotherapy

•     Sports Injury Management

•     Sports Massage

•     Acupuncture

•     Running Analysis

The clinic is inspired by the concept that good physiotherapy requires a holistic approach and all factors which influence recovery are accounted for in your treatment. This 360° view is combined with current best practice research to ensure you have the best possible care.

We also know that works well for one person might not work for another and at Physio Three Sixty you can expect treatment that is tailored to you. We can also offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments to suit your needs.



I have been to a number of physios in Hitchin and the experience has been really disappointing, either providing me with wrong diagnosis or poor advice.

Anthony really took the time to listen to my issue and made sure he explained exactly what the problem was. He then spent 30 minutes in the gym with me to work out a specific exercise plan tailored to me. He was extremely professional in his manner and seemed eminently knowledgeable.

He followed up our consultation immediately with an email detailing my exercise plan and an explanation of what might make my symptoms flare up.

I have no hesitation in recommending Anthony.

Tim Simms


Great physio. Got straight to the heart of the issue and with a focussed exercise plan I was not only better quickly but was given the knowledge to be able to self-manage. Highly recommended.

Any Lelliott


Physio Three Sixty is run by Specialist Physiotherapist Anthony Cahill

Email Anthony:

Phone: 01462 431033