White Zone

We have had a long-standing connection with Strength Training, Body Building and the use of Free Weights to achieve fitness goals. XChange Fitness offers the most comprehensive and spacious weights facility in the area.

Red Zone

The Red Zone sees you enter an area with 3 squat racks, 1 lifting platform, 1 Smith Machine, 4 Mobile Benches and multi-functional cable apparatus. On top of this, we have 600kg of Origin bumper plates.

Black Zone

Newly refurbished area to complete a full body session. As well as the latest range of Life Fitness Resistance equipment, the Black Zone boasts our iconic runway-style workout area, facilitating Functional Movement training. If you prefer a traditional cardio workout, this area also provides a wide range of cardiovascular equipment.


Offering a wide range of equipment including TRX, battle ropes, kettle-bells, sandbags, prowler and much more.


Steam room and sauna both available all day for all members and guests of Xchange.


A diverse class timetable offering something for everyone. From high intensity workouts such as spin and boxing circuits to mat based flexibility and core conditioning such as yoga and pilates. We have also just launched 3 Les Mills classes, Bodypump, Bodycombat and Bodybalance.


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